What is it?

The Caromed Affiliate Program is an opportunity for companies to make additional income by promoting Caromed products. For companies in, or related to, the plastic surgery industry, Caromed’s Affiliate Program makes sense as an add-on, complementary offering.

And since Caromed’s products are the most innovative and effective products in the industry (we started the industry in 1983), you can be assured that promoting Caromed products will only enhance your brand and reputation with customers and partners.

Who can join?

Any organization that has direct interaction with plastic surgery patients (plastic surgery practices and physicians), or that is related to the field (breast implant manufacturers, providers of plastic surgery equipment, etc.).

How does it work?

Sign up for the Caromed Affiliate Program, and if we approve your application, you will receive an Affiliate ID, Affiliate Web Link, and access to the Caromed promotional resource center. He promotional resource center has product images, prior Caromed ads, postcards, and other resources that you can use to promote Caromed products.

You may not create your own marketing pieces without prior approval from Caromed as maintaining the branding and quality of communications is important.

Affiliate Commission: 10%

You will receive 10% commission on any product ordered by someone who clicks on your referral link. This referral is good for six months from the date they first clicked the link (if they order 181 days after they first clicked the referral link, you will not get credit).

Example: A patient gets a link in email from you to order Caromed products for an upcoming surgery. They end up buying two SofShape Bras at $119 each. You get 10% commission off of that order, resulting in a commission of $23.80 (119 x 2 = 238 x 0.1 = $23.80). The more patients you refer to Caromed, the more you make.

If that same patient returns for more work that requires Caromed compression garments for healing, every time they order (within six months), you will receive a commission.

Caromed pays commissions monthly, within two weeks after the close of the prior calendar month.

If you perform 40 surgeries per month requiring a Caromed compression garment, and each patient purchases $100 worth of garments, you should make nearly $5,000 per year additional just for recommending Caromed products. Each practice will be different, and there is no guarantee of income.

Where do I apply for the Caromed Affiliate Program?

To apply for the program, go to the Affiliate Area page and apply.

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